Community Spotlight

  • Police station

    New Police Station


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  • Controlled Burn Northeast of Mt. Baldy

    Forestry fire crews are conducting a controlled burn in the wilderness area northeast of Mt. Baldy and Padua/Mills today. Signs are posted on Mills Avenue and residents may see some smoke.

  • City Manager Weekly - February 15, 2018 City Manager Weekly - February 15, 2018

    City Manager Tara Schultz publishes a weekly newsletter with news and information from the City and community.

  • Pooch Park Remains Closed

    Although construction was complete in December as anticipated, the Pooch Park remains closed until further notice. Staff will continue to monitor the condition of the turf to be sure it is properly established prior to the park's opening in late February.

  • Metrolink Station will stay in Claremont

    On Thursday, January 25, the Metro Board unanimously voted to keep the Claremont Metrolink Station open! Thanks to our Claremont residents for a successful show of support throughout this process.

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