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New Right Turn Signs at 210 Offramp

Post Date:07/26/2018

Pedestrian and bicycle improvements along Towne Avenue, from the 210 Freeway to Base Line Road, have been completed with the recent activation of “No Right Turn” signs (also known as “blank-out” signs because they are blanked out when no pedestrians push the button to walk across the intersection). The three signs, which were installed at the eastbound offramp of the 210 freeway at Towne Avenue, flash a “No Right Turn” symbol when a pedestrian activates the push button. This will allow for right turns to be made on a red light when pedestrians are not using the intersection.

These new signs replace the restrictive static “No Right Turn on Red” signs that were in place at this location prohibiting right turns on red on a permanent basis.  The new LED "blank-out" signs are not designed to operate 24/7 and instead, they flash a “No Right Turn” symbol upon activation of the traffic signal pedestrian push button. These new signs now allow motorists to make right turns on a red traffic light when pedestrians are not using the intersection. While Caltrans activated this new operation in coordination with the removal of the static “No Right Turn on Red” signs, a misunderstanding and a resident request to Caltrans prompted Caltrans to re-install a new “No Right Turn on Red” static sign shortly after the "blank-out" signs were activated. Members of the public noticed this contradictory field condition, which was reported to the City and discussed on social media. Currently, all static signs have been removed and the LED "blank-out" signs are operating as intended.

The LED "blank-out" signs, green bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and upgraded handicap ramps and traffic signals, were constructed with Safe Routes to School grant funds. This grant was awarded to Claremont through the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to address the impacts created by the freeway construction. The 210 Freeway created a separation in the Thompson Creek Trail system and the grant funds were provided to develop an improved bicycle and pedestrian connection between Base Line Road and the trail south of the freeway eastbound offramp.  With this grant, the City agreed to manage the construction of improvements within Caltrans right of way. Caltrans designed these improvements in collaboration with the City, incorporating the installation of "blank-out" signs into the project design.  

Following "blank-out" sign activation, the City has contacted Caltrans to request public outreach and education efforts to assist the public in getting familiar with the operation of these new signs. Caltrans is currently evaluating the City’s request. For more information, please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.

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