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  • November Election Info

    November 2018 Election Info

  • Claremont Core Values Project

    Claremont Core Values Project


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  • City Manager Weekly - August 16, 2018 City Manager Weekly - August 16, 2018

    City Manager Tara Schultz publishes a weekly newsletter with news and information from the City and community.

  • New Right Turn Signs at 210 Offramp

    Improvements along Towne Avenue have been completed with the activation of three new “blank out” signs at the eastbound offramp of the 210 freeway. These signs allow cars to turn right on a red light when pedestrians are not present.

  • Future Financial Opportunities Committee

    The City of Claremont is seeking applications for the Future Financial Opportunities Committee. The Committee will evaluate revenue options and strategies to address the City’s future structural deficit.

  • Cool Zones Open

    The City of Claremont has several cooling centers where residents can get out of the heat.

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