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Updated 09/14/11

The provision of affordable housing throughout the community is an expressed goal of the City. This paper provides some background on affordable housing in Claremont and discusses the latest efforts by the City and Claremont Redevelopment Agency to provide affordable housing in the community.

Committment to Affordable Housing

The provision of afforable housing opportunities is a long-standing commitment of the City and Redevelopment Agency, one that was recently re-affirmed with the passage of the City and Agency Budget for 2010-12

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Claremont's commitment to affordable housing is most fully expressed in the Housing Element of the City's General Plan, which establishes housing policy for the City. One of the Element's stated goals is to make "adequate and affordable housing in a wide range of housing types and residential densities, to meet the need of all social and economic segments of the Claremont community." The Housing Element, which was last revised in 2000, goes on to spell out specific policies for accomplishing its goal of providing affordable housing.

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