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Accessibility Information

The City of Claremont is committed to making  our facilities and information accessible to all.

This website has been designed with special options that make it easier for people with visual or musculo-skeletal impairments to access website information using text readers and switches.

Popular graphical interface devices, such as floating menus, actually present a hindrance to those who are unable to see or to use a mouse or trackball.

By switching from "default mode" to "accessibility mode," we turn off these obstructions and turn on certain convenience features that can be utilized by assistive technology.

Providing equal access to website information is an important objective that the City of Claremont is striving to meet. While we may not have fully achieved that objective, we are pleased to be moving in the right direction. We appreciate any comments or suggestions that may help us to improve.

City of Claremont Accessibility Coordinator: Jeff Baughman at (909) 399-5477

Click here for more detail about accessibility
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