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Claremont Sustainability


In October 2008, the City Council unanimously adopted the Claremont Sustainable City Plan . The Claremont Sustainable City Plan establishes a framework in which the Claremont community can achieve its vision of becoming a sustainable city. The vision is one where all who live and work in Claremont are enabled to live in ways that allow them to meet their needs while preserving the ability of future generations to do the same. A sustainable Claremont is a community that balances social needs, environmental health and economic prosperity while not depleting or degrading its natural resources, creating social inequities, or limiting our prospects for continued economic prosperity. This vision of a sustainable Claremont is based on the City's General Plan, adopted on November 11, 2006, which is organized around a theme of sustainability. The Sustainable City Plan was originally adopted on October 28, 2008 and amended on October 8, 2013.

Guiding Principles
This plan establishes guiding principles which, through adoption of this plan by the City Council, shall become City policy that guide all daily decisions and operations of the municipal government. The principles call for:
* considering the long-term sustainability impacts in all City government decisions;
* making the protection, preservation and restoration of our natural environment a high priority for City decisions;
* recognizing that community education and participation are key to reaching our sustainability goals;
* striving for the City to continue to be a regional leader on sustainability issues; and
* working with strategic partners to achieve the City's sustainability goals.

Annual Sustainability Report Cards

Each year, the City produces a report card with updates on the City and community's progress on each goal area. The report cards are taken to the City Council in the spring of each year after the data has been collected for the calendar year

Sustainability Report Card 2010 (Adobe Acrobat, 4540KB)
Sustainability Report Card 2011 (Adobe Acrobat, 4540KB)
Sustainability Report Card 2013 (Adobe Acrobat, 2756KB)
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