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Affordable Housing

Updated September 2011

The provision of affordable housing throughout the community is an expressed goal of the City. This paper provides some background on affordable housing in Claremont and discusses the latest efforts by the City and Claremont Redevelopment Agency to provide affordable housing in the community.

Commitment to Affordable Housing

The provision of affordable housing opportunities is a long-standing commitment of the City and Redevelopment Agency.

Claremont's commitment to affordable housing is most fully expressed in the Housing Element of the City's General Plan, which establishes housing policy for the City. One of the Element's stated goals is to make available "adequate and affordable housing in a wide range of housing types and residential densities, to meet the need of all social and economic segments of the Claremont community."

The Housing Element, which was last revised in 2009, goes on to spell out specific policies for accomplishing its goal of providing affordable housing.

State Requirements

The State of California allocates a portion of our region's affordable housing needs to each city. In turn, each city is then required to plan for and develop programs for providing its share of regional housing needs. Likewise, state law requires the Redevelopment Agency to "set aside" twenty percent of its tax increment income for use in affordable housing projects and programs.

Benefits of Affordable Housing

Having affordable housing in the community provides a number of benefits, both for individuals as well as the community as a whole. For example, affordable housing:

  • creates a community that is diverse economically;
  • provides opportunities for young persons just starting out, many of whom may have grown up in the community, to live in Claremont;
  • helps reduce traffic congestion by allowing low and moderate income workers to live closer to their jobs, and;
  • reduces overcrowding caused when families "double up" to share high housing expenses.

Current Local Affordable Housing Efforts

Claremont's commitment to providing affordable housing is a long-standing one. There are currently several Agency-assisted affordable housing developments throughout Claremont, including the Vista Valle Townhomes on San Jose Avenue, the Claremont Villas senior apartments on Indian Hill and Spring Street,the Habitat for Humanity development comprised of six single-family homes on Claremont Boulevard near First Street.

The Agency also offers a housing rehabilitation loan program for low-income residents.

Courier Place - College Avenue

In July 2009 the City Council approved a Disposition and Development Agreement with Jamboree Housing Corporation for the construction of a 75 unit affordable housing development at 111 S. College Avenue. The project site is bounded by the Metrolink tracks to the north, commercial office uses to the west, a mixture of single and multi-family residential to the south, and a water well across College Avenue to the east.

The proposed project includes a total of 75 apartment units in three residential buildings. There will be 38 one-bedroom senior units in one courtyard style building, 36 family apartment units in two 18-unit buildings, and one two-bedroom manager unit. In addition to the residential buildings, there will be a community building, swimming pool, playground and other landscaped areas, as depicted on the project site plan.

View the Project Site (Adobe Acrobat, 1413KB)
View the Site Plan (Adobe Acrobat, 1076KB)

Jamboree Housing Corporation

Jamboree is a non-profit housing development company, based in Irvine and established in 1990. It currently operates and maintains a portfolio of over 4,700 housing units throughout California, including both family and senior communities. Jamboree has a very good track record in securing financing for affordable housing, including the syndication of tax credits in a very difficult marketplace. More information about Jamboree can be found on its web site at www.jamboreehousing.com.

Tenant Eligibility Criteria

The feasibility of the proposed project is predicated on the successful application for tax credits under the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. The Tax Credit regulatory agreement will require apartment units in the project be rented in accordance with the Tax Credit program income standards, with the following distribution of apartment units by income standard:

* 16 units to households earning less than 30% of the Tax Credit median income
* 19 units to households earning less than 45% of the Tax Credit median income
* 24 units to households earning less than 50% of the Tax Credit median income
* 16 units to households earning less than 60% of the Tax Credit median income
* 1 unit to on-site manager rented at market rate.

View the Tax Credit Income Standards (Excel Spreadsheet, 23KB)

Workforce Preference

In addition to the income criteria, in the family units, there will be residency preference provided to households wherein at least one member of the household is employed within the City of Claremont.

Project Timeline

Construction began in January of 2011, and  is anticipated to take a little over a year, which would mean the project would be ready for occupancy sometime in early 2012.

For more information about local housing programs, call the Redevelopment Agency at (909) 399-5342.

Interest List

To be placed on the interest list, please send a postcard with your name, home address, mailing address (if different), city employment, e-mail address, and phone number to:
Courier Place Interest List
c/o The John Stewart Company
888 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90017

View the Interest List Flyer (Adobe Acrobat, 1770KB)
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