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  • Larkin Park

    Larkin Park Area1
    1. Address:660 N. Mountain Ave.
      Claremont, CA 91711
    1. Croquette Court (horseshoe)
    2. Half-court Basketball Court
    3. Mini K-squad Soccer Field/Lawn Bowling greens
    4. Parking Lot (2)
    5. Picnic Area (2)
    6. Playground (2)
    7. Restroom Facility
    8. Softball Field
    1. Parks

Larkin Park is within walking distance of Claremont Manor on 9 acres bounded on the east by Pilgrim Place. It is the home of the Joslyn Center and serves as the community's base for most of its senior citizen activities. It is also the site for a K-squad soccer program, which is played on former Lawn Bowling greens.

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