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Foothill Boulevard Improvements

Work continues on the Foothill Boulevard Improvement project. Phase 2 of construction began on March 4. This phase of the project covers the portion of Foothill Boulevard from Amherst Street to Yale Avenue. Staff is currently reviewing the traffic signal operations at Dartmouth and Foothill Boulevard.  Timing modifications are anticipated to be made the week of March 18 to accommodate traffic flow on Foothill Boulevard.

The Foothill Boulevard improvements are being conducted in four phases. Staff expects each phase to take up to three months to complete. Once construction is completed, Foothill Boulevard will have two vehicle travel lanes in each direction of Foothill Boulevard and will include either a Class IV Bikeway (protected bike lane), Class II Bikeway (bike lane), or a combination of Class II Bikeway (bike lane) and on-street parking. Completion of the project is expected by the end of 2019.

For the most up to date information: View the Foothill Boulevard Upgrade webpage here


Bonita Avenue Water Main Line Installation – Construction Update

Golden State Water crews are continuing work on the Bonita Avenue water main line installation. Over the course of the project, the City has received concerns from the public, as well as affected residents. In response, and moving forward, Golden State Water will not be allowed to perform work on Bonita Avenue and the surrounding streets before 9:00 a.m. Traffic control plans for this project are currently being reevaluated to reduce road closures and public inconvenience.

Construction on the new water main line is on following streets:

  • Bonita Avenue (from Carnegie Avenue to Indian Hill Boulevard)
  • Mountain Avenue (from Bonita Avenue to Harrison Avenue)
  • Cambridge Avenue (from Bonita Avenue to Harrison Avenue)
  • Berkeley Avenue (from Bonita Avenue to Harrison Avenue)
  • Grinnell Drive
  • Harrison Avenue (from Mountain Avenue to Cambridge Avenue)

This project is expected to be completed in April 2019. Please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465, with any questions regarding this construction.


Street Improvements - Pomona College Museum of Art

On Monday, February 11, crews began street improvements around the Pomona College Museum of Art site. Construction crews will be installing curb, gutter, and sidewalk on Bonita Avenue, Second Street and College Avenue. Construction is anticipated to continue for the next 12 weeks.  


Base Line Road Improvements – Century Communities

On Friday, January 11, Century Communities began construction within the public right-of-way along Base Line Road. This construction is associated with utility connections and required improvements for the Gable Crossing housing project. Construction will be completed in approximately nine weeks. This work will require a bike lane closure on eastbound Base Line Road, starting east of Mountain Avenue.


Golden State Water - Padua Avenue Water Main Line Installation

On Monday, January 7, Golden State Water began a water main line installation project along Padua Avenue, from Miramar Avenue to Pomello Drive, and Moab Drive. This project will include exploratory trenching, which will help reduce conflict with existing infrastructure, and will continue with the installation of an eight-inch water main line, residential services, and fire hydrants. At times throughout the project, Padua Avenue will be closed to northbound or southbound traffic in order to accommodate a safe work area. The exact dates and times of the closures will be indicated on the Changeable Message Signs that will be located at Base Line Road and Mount Baldy Road. This project is expected to be completed by April. All residents affected by the construction will be notified by Golden State Water.


Construction at Our Lady of Assumption Church

Our Lady of Assumption (OLA) began construction at the church property at 435 Berkeley Avenue in November.  The project, which received Architectural Commission approval in late 2017, will add a new vestibule to the front of OLA’s main church building, bringing it closer to Berkeley Avenue. The new vestibule would provide a much-needed transitional area between the church sanctuary and the front door. Other improvements include a new entry that provides ADA access into the new vestibule, new trellises in an interior courtyard and other minor structural and interior improvements.  The construction process is anticipated to be 9 to 11 months. OLA has recently installed a temporary tent facility near the northeast corner of their property where church services will be held while the main church building is under construction. 


During these construction projects, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs and remember to share the road with bicyclists. For more information on these or any other construction projects, please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.