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Indian Hill Boulevard Lane Closure (north of Arrow) – SCE Vault Replacement

On Monday, October 8, Southern California Edison began work to remove and replace a vault on the east side of Indian Hill Boulevard, between Arrow Highway and Green Street. This work will require northbound traffic to merge to one lane starting at Arrow Highway. Access to the Village area, as well as Southbound traffic on Indian Hill Boulevard, should not be affected by this work. Northbound traffic will resume normal conditions at Green Street. This work is expected to be completed by mid-November. Any residents and businesses affected by a power outage will be notified by Southern California Edison. During this construction, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs.


Residential Street Slurry Project - Streets South of Arrow Highway

American Asphalt will be starting the Residential Slurry Seal project on residential streets south of Arrow Highway. Preparation work for this project, which includes rubberized crack sealing and routing, began on October 8. The slurry seal placement will begin on October 21, and is expected to be completed by mid-November.  

All residents who live on streets that will receive the slurry seal treatment will be notified one week in advance of their street’s slurry seal date. The notification will include: the time the street will be closed and reopened, the placement and timing of No Parking signs, alternative parking locations, key points to be aware of after the slurry is applied, and any postponements due to weather conditions. The project includes all residential streets located south of Arrow Highway.


Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements

Construction on Foothill Boulevard is scheduled to begin in late October. On Tuesday, September 11, the City Council awarded the contracts for the Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements. Staff has been working with the contractor to handle all pre-construction activities in preparation for the anticipated start of the project. Changeable message and construction signs have been placed on Foothill Boulevard, near Towne Avenue and Monte Vista Avenue, to notify motorists of the upcoming construction. A general notification will be sent out to all properties along Foothill Boulevard prior to the start of construction.  Properties directly affected by each phase of work will receive an additional notice before each phase starts.

The final design for Foothill Boulevard will include vehicle, pedestrian, and accessibility improvements, new bike lanes, stormwater improvements, new city monument signs, new streets lights, bus stops, landscaping, and irrigation. The City was successful in obtaining a $7 million SB1 Local Partnership Program grant approved by the California Transportation Commission as well as smaller grants from other agencies, such as the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) grant awarded by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to implement pedestrian access improvements and enhancements. More than half of the $16 million project will be paid using grant funds. The remainder of the project is funded by Foothill Boulevard Relinquishment funds, Total Road Improvement Program financing, and transportation development impact fees collected through permits. Completion of the project is expected by the end of 2019.

View the Foothill Boulevard Upgrade webpage here


During these construction projects, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs and remember to share the road with bicyclists. For more information on these or any other construction projects, please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.