A notice has been issued by the National Weather Service for a potential strong wind event.  This event is expected to begin Tuesday, January 28 through Wednesday, January 29.  This wind event has the potential to down trees, power lines and blow debris throughout the Wilderness Park, Thompson Creek Trail, and City.  Please use caution around trees, power lines, and secure your property.  City parks will remain OPEN during this time.


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Claremont Boulevard Pavement Repair

On Monday, January 27, the City’s hired contractor, Onyx Paving Company, will continue work associated with the Pavement Repair Project on Claremont Boulevard between Sixth Street and Foothill Boulevard. The contractor has completed the work on the damaged curb, gutter, and sidewalk and will now begin the asphalt pavement repairs. This portion of work will require southbound and northbound traffic to be reduced to one lane while the work is being performed. The City’s arborist will evaluate the condition of the tree roots in the affected area throughout the course of the project. This work is anticipated to be completed by the week of February 17, 2020.


Construction Work at the Claremont Depot

On Monday, January 13, work began on the seismic accessibility retrofits to the Claremont Depot. The construction will involve the two most eastern rooms of the building - the former “bike room” and “luggage room.” The two rooms under construction will be fenced off, as will the two parking spaces closest to the Depot. The Museum will remain open during construction. This work was identified when the Claremont Museum of Art entered into the lease with the City in 2015. Proposition C transportation funds will be used to complete the work. Construction should be concluded by April 1, 2020. 


Foothill Boulevard Improvements

All major construction activities have been completed.  Remaining work activities are those items identified as punch list items.  These are construction activities that are smaller in nature, and are required to be completed prior to accepting the project. Completion of these items was suspended for the holiday weeks and resumed on Monday, January 6, 2020.  Construction crews will still be seen on Foothill Boulevard in January 2020 in order to complete these remaining items. 

Remaining Punch List Items:

Drainage concerns:

  • Two locations were identified during the past few storms. The two locations are at Indian Hill Boulevard (eastbound direction) and College Avenue (eastbound direction).
  • Staff has worked with the contractor to devise solutions that will minimally impact the newly paved roadway surface.  Any street cuts that are necessary to accommodate these two locations will be covered up by the final street striping.
  • This work is expected to be completed by the close of business day on Friday, December 20.  If this work cannot be completed by this time, Saturday work will be permitted, if necessary.

Towne Avenue:

  • The contractor is currently awaiting approval from Caltrans prior to placing the last signal pole per the project plans. The location of this pole is at the southeast corner of Foothill Boulevard at Towne Avenue. Once this signal pole is replaced, the smaller pole in the median island will be removed. This is expected to be completed in January 2020.

Frontage Road Landscaping:

  • The contractor will be completing the landscape and irrigation placement in the north side frontage road median islands from Yale Avenue to College Avenue in January 2020.

Within these construction phases, the median-separated bike lanes have been substantially completed; however, these completed median separated bike lanes will remain closed for safety purposes, and will be open for use once final striping is completed.  At the end of the project, the roadway will provide two vehicle travel lanes in each direction and bicycle infrastructure in the form of median separated bike lanes, and striped buffered bike lanes.  The project will be using green paint to identify the entry points of the median separated bicycle lanes and transition areas.  The new striping will add heavy dashed green lines at transition areas where the protected bicycle lanes are in front of driveways or street turn pockets. For the most up to date information: View the Foothill Boulevard Upgrade webpage here.


Construction at Webb Schools 

Webb Schools recently began rehabilitation of their Hooper Community Center including seismic upgrades, renovation of the center, and site and landscaping improvements around the historic building. Primary construction access will be at their main entry on Base Line Road. Please exercise extra care when driving in these areas. 


City of Pomona Towne Avenue Rehabilitation Project Update

The City of Pomona’s Towne Avenue Rehabilitation Project, located between Bonita Avenue and Foothill Boulevard, has been postponed until further notice. On the week of September 2, the contractor completed the work necessary to safely secure the project limits until work resumes. The City of Pomona and the City of Claremont are currently working together to establish a new construction schedule to avoid conflicts with the Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements Project. For more construction updates on this project, please contact the City of Pomona’s Public Works Department at (909) 620-2261.



Old School House Condo Development 

On Monday, August 5, on-site construction began for the Old School House 30 condo units. Construction is anticipated to continue through the Summer of 2021.  Public access to the south portion of the commercial center will be restricted from Colby Circle to accommodate construction and deliveries through the end of August 2020. 


Base Line Road Median Installation Improvements – Gable Crossing Development

Century Communities continues to work on public improvements on Base Line Road. The work includes the construction of a center median along Base Line Road near the western end of the project, between Villa Maria and Oxford. This construction will require lane closures and a bike lane closure on eastbound Base Line Road, starting east of Mountain Avenue. During construction, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs.


During these construction projects, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs and remember to share the road with bicyclists. For more information on these or any other construction projects, please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.