**Countywide curfew is in effect today June 3 at 9PM to June 4 at 5AM**

The Wilderness  Park will be closed Monday, June 1, through Wednesday, June 3 for fire road maintenance. This annual maintenance requirement will be conducted by the LA County Fire Department. The CHWP will reopen on Thursday, June 4.


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When Do I Need a Building Permit?

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The list of examples below is not all-inclusive, but it should be used as a guideline.

Any specific questions concerning your project should be forwarded to the Building Division.



  • Construction of a building or structure, including accessory structures
  • Demolition of all or a portion of building or structure, including patio covers
  • Addition to buildings or structures, including patio covers  
  • Garage conversions
  • Remodel of a building requiring: the addition or removal of all or any portion of a wall, window or door; or enlargement of an opening for a window or door
  • Window and door installation
  • Construction of decks and balconies
  • Electrical work, including: upgrade, repair or relocation of electrical panel; addition of a new electrical circuit; or extension of an existing electrical circuit
  • Plumbing work  
  • Water heater replacement, relocation or installation
  • Water or sewer line replacement 
  • Furnace or air conditioning system installation or replacement  
  • Roof installation, replacement or re-cover
  • Swimming pool construction, including above-ground pools
  • Spa construction (self-contained portable plug-in type spas require electrical permit)

  • Projects that are cosmetic, such as painting, wallpapering, carpeting, cabinets and interior trim do not require a permit 
  • Repairing electrical fixtures on existing wiring, replacing switches, plugs and light ballasts  
  • Pumping out contents of septic system