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Conflict of Interest & Ethics

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State regulations require public officials to disclose economic interests, receive ethics training, and adhere to restrictions on participating in decision-making, when he or she may have a conflict of interest. There are also State requirements related to:

Conflict of Interest

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) was established by the State, through the passage of the Political Reform Act, to establish conflict of interest regulations, and provide assistance to public officials with recordkeeping and reporting related to financial interests and campaign activity.

To help identify potential conflicts of interest, certain officials are required to file forms called Statements of Economic Interests, also known as Form 700 pursuant to Government Code Section 87200. Additionally, the City Council has adopted a Conflict of Interest Code, which provides for the disclosure of other designated employees’ assets and income which may be affected by their official actions.

City of Claremont elected and appointed government officials who are required to file a Form 700 pursuant to Government Code Section 87200 are:

Name tITLE
Corey Calaycay   City Councilmember
Jed Leano City Councilmember
Ed Reece City Councilmember
Larry Schroeder City Councilmember
Jennifer Stark City Councilmember
Tara Schultz City Manager
Adam Pirrie Finance Director/City Treasurer
Bibi Ameer Accounting Supervisor/Deputy City Treasurer
Alisha Patterson City Attorney
Parker Emerson Planning Commissioner
Steven Frieson Planning Commissioner
James Jackson Planning Commissioner
Douglas Lyon Planning Commissioner
Leigh Anne Jones Planning Commissioner
Rick Reed Planning Commissioner
Richard Rosenbluth Planning Commissioner

Copies of Statements of Economic Interest may be obtained from the City Clerk or from the offices of the Fair Political Practices Commission. You may also visit the FPPC website as some local government officials’ statements may be available in electronic format on the commission website:

428 J Street, Suite 620
Sacramento, CA 95814

Claremont City Clerk
207 Harvard Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

Public Official Appointment

Form 806 is used by the City to report additional compensation that public officials receive when they are part of a Council decision to appoint themselves to a position on a committee, board or commission of another public agency.

Gifts to the City

Fair Political Practices Commission Regulation 18944.2 provides circumstances under which a payment made to a local agency is not considered a reportable gift to an individual public official. Form 802 is used by the City to report such gifts.


In accordance with State AB 1234, all City of Claremont elected officials and appointed commission members are required to attend two hours of State-approved local ethics training. The first certification is due within one year of taking office, and every two years thereafter. The City has also chosen to require all department heads, managers, and supervisory employees to adhere to the same regulations. A free online training course is available to these individuals, as well as any interested person, at

Tax Payer Protection Act

The Taxpayer Protection Act places certain requirements and restrictions on Councilmembers for decisions they have made while in office. Attached are the Taxpayer Protection Act reference sheets.  

2019 Tax Payer Protection Act List (January-September 2019): TPA List 2019

2018 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2018

2017 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2017

2016 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2016

2015 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2015

2014 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2014

2013 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2013

2012 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2012

2011 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2011

2010 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2010

2009 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2009

2008 Tax Payer Protection Act list: TPA List 2008