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Gravesite Decoration Guidelines

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Oak Park Cemetery is a public cemetery owned and operated by the City of Claremont. Its primary landscape feature is native California Live Oaks. A carefully maintained lawn serves to enhance this feature. Flowers and flowering plants placed at gravesites, when located and maintained properly, accent the park-like setting.

Maintaining the serene beauty of the natural environment that first attracted you to this special place takes a concerted effort on everyone's part.  Therefore, we provide the City’s long-standing policies and guidelines below regarding grave decorations that should prove helpful to both plot owners and cemetery personnel:

 Type  Detail
General Policy

  • The overall appearance of the cemetery grounds is very important. Flowers and decorations placed at gravesites, when properly located and maintained, can accent the park-like setting.


Decoration Placement:

  • Gravesite plantings and decorations cannot overlap or infringe upon an adjacent space. The only exception is when two adjoining spaces are owned by one person. For maintenance, safety, and aesthetic reasons, plantings and decorations may be placed only within a defined area:


    • May extend a maximum of 12" from the front of the headstone/marker.
    • May not exceed the width of the grave site.
    • May not exceed 24" tall.


Permanent Plantings:

  • The number of permanent plantings is not limited per site but must remain within the approved perimeter detailed above. The gravesite owner is responsible for maintaining all permanent plantings to an acceptable standard. Permanent plantings must be an appropriate species that will not exceed a height of 24" when fully mature. Regulated materials such as pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer may not be applied.


  • Each site may have up to three decorative items. All decorations must be placed within the standard 12" perimeter detailed above. Allowed decorations are:
    • Fresh-Cut and Faux Flowers - Flowers are the preferred gravesite decoration.
    • Fresh and Faux Potted Plantings - Pots must be of an unbreakable material.
    • Banners/Flags - May not exceed 18" x 18". Limit one flag/banner per grave space.
    • Holiday Decorations - Items may be placed ten days before the recognized holiday and must be removed ten days following the holiday. Balloons, breakable items, and consumable items are not permitted.


Removal of Items:

  •  All plantings and decorations are the responsibility of the gravesite owner. Decorations that become unsightly, dangerous, or detrimental will be removed at the discretion of the City. The City will remove and discard non-compliant grave decorations the third week of each month or seven days following a burial service. Removed items will not be recoverable.

Not Recommended:

  • The City does not recommend leaving items of sentimental or intrinsic value at the gravesite. The City cannot be held responsible for their safekeeping, and such items may be removed by cemetery personnel if determined to be a maintenance, safety, or nuisance issue.