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Project ADOPT

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Claremont's Project ADOPT is a volunteer opportunity, and there are many reasons to participate:

  • Project ADOPT provides a fun and valuable experience to promote ownership in City facilities, parks, elements and aesthetics.
  • Project ADOPT encourages residents, community organizations, businesses and groups to become directly involved in the beauty of Claremont.
  • Project ADOPT provides an enriching volunteer experience and allows individuals to learn a new skill, engage in the community, meet new people, and spread goodwill.

Steps For Participation 

Responsibilities of Adoption

  1. Contact the Community Services Department.
  2. Select an element or location to adopt (for a minimum of one year) and determine how often you want to volunteer.
  3. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Claremont.
  4. Meet with the Community Services Department for information and training on your adopted element/location.
  5. Get Started!
  6. After 60 hours of service, you can receive a certificate of adoption and a sign posted at the adopted element/location recognizing your commitment.

Project ADOPT may take on many different forms according to your unique interest:

  • Adopt a PARK, STREET, MEDIAN, RIGHT of WAY, SIDEWALK or FACILITY - This may include weekly or monthly efforts to remove litter from surrounding areas, plant flowers, pull weeds, rake leaves, clean benches, and report concerns.  Some individuals may prefer to provide an ongoing donation that will help offset the expenses for City personnel to perform these duties.
  • Adopt an ELEMENT - This is a broader term that allows people to suggest alternative areas for adoption, such as public art, planters, fountains, park monument signs and dedication plaques, etc.