The County does not plan to issue a Countywide curfew order for tonight. This includes the City of Claremont.

Where to Get Assistance

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Below is a list of comprehensive information that should help whether your tree is growing too large, you want to plant a tree, or you notice a tree in need of City attention:

Quick Tips for Citizen Support of Claremont's Community Forest

  • Call the Community Services Department at 909-399-5431 if you see any City tree in need of attention or if you have questions or problems regarding City trees.
  • Find out who is responsible for what in caring for our City street trees.
  • Remember that you must obtain a permit if you wish to privately prune any City tree.
  • Please care for the trees on your private property; they're also part of our community forest.
  • Help your own new trees grow strong by loosely securing their trunks with rubber-coated tree ties, or other non-abrasive materials, attached to tree stakes. Remove stakes and ties when the tree is strong enough to stand unsupported, usually after two years.
  • Build a watering basin around a newly planted tree and water deeply to encourage proper root growth. Deep water mature street trees during long dry spells.
  • Spread wood chips or mulch around the base of the tree to conserve water and reduce competition from weeds and grass.
  • Protect young trees from lawn equipment damage and vandalism by installing trunk guards (available from your local nursery).
  • Utilize the services of professionally trained individuals such as a Certified Nursery employee, Certified Arborist, or Certified Tree Worker for important tree-related tasks.
  • Become knowledgeable about proper pruning techniques, like the Natural Target Cut. Always cut outside the branch collar and be careful not to leave a stub.
  • Never prune more than 10-25% of a tree's living foliage. Do not remove more than 10% living foliage from slow-growing trees such as native oaks. Do not remove more than 25% from fast-growing trees such as Eucalyptus, Elms or Ash.
  • Never "top" a tree!
  • Help enhance your neighborhood's urban forest by donating a tree to be planted on your street, a local park, or at the City's Oak Park Cemetery.
  • Keep an eye out for fun and informative tree-related events such as community tree plantings or the City's annual Arbor Day celebration (mid-March to early April). Check the Claremont Courier or City Letter for details.

City of Claremont

Community Services Department, Maintenance Division
General Tree Information
Permits for Tree Work
Tree Removal and Replacements 909-399-5431

Southern California Edison
Overhead Line Tree Clearance 909-592-3719

Claremont Heritage, Inc.
Historic or Landmark Trees 909-621-0848

Local Organizations

Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner
Disease and Pest information 818-575-5465

Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens - Sustainable Claremont 909-625-8767, ext. 238

Los Angeles State and County Arboretum 818-821-3222

State and National Organizations

California Department of Forestry, Urban Forestry Division
Dave Neff and Eric Oldar 909-782-4140

International Society of Arboriculture, Western Chapter
Certified Arborist/Tree Worker List 602-955-5315

National Arbor Day Foundation 402-474-5655

National Arborists Association 800-733-2622

What Do You Need to Know About City Trees?

  • All City streets have been designated with one or more particular tree species. No trees except for the designated species may be planted along that street. Designated Street Tree List
  • Any tree within the City's easement (generally 10 feet from the face of the curb) is considered a city-owned street tree. The City shares the maintenance responsibilities for each of these street trees with the property owner.
  • It is the City's responsibility to plant, prune, treat them for diseases and pests, and make any necessary removals.
  • Homeowners are responsible for the deep watering and occasional fertilization of each street tree located within their property lines.
  • It is unlawful for any person to plant, prune, or remove a City tree. However, permits may be granted for private pruning or removals through the Community Services Department.
  • The Community Services Department also has the authority to remove any street tree that is dead or seriously diseased. Any other removals must first be approved by the Community Services Commission.
  • Citizens may donate trees to the City for planting in City parks, parkways, or in Oak Park Cemetery. Contact the Community Services Department for details.