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CBO Grant Funding

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Human Services

The Community-Based Organization (CBO) Grant Program was designed to meet social service needs of Claremont residents through nonprofit agencies to develop programs, which meet both continuing and new & emerging needs throughout the community.

Grants to community based organizations are categorized two ways:

1.Grants for Creative Programs Meeting New and Emerging Needs, and

2.Grants for Nonprofit Programs Meeting Continuing Community Needs. (It is not the intent of this program to provide permanent, ongoing funding for any program or agency. However it is the prerogative of the Human Services Commission to maintain services that match the needs of the community.)

Deadlines for grant applications will be in January, agency public hearings will be in March.  A CBO Workshop will be conducted in December, and the City Council will make final funding recommendations at the second meeting in April.

Grants will be awarded on a one-year basis, starting July 1st of the fiscal year for which funding was awarded. Approval of grant funds shall not constitute a precedent for grant allocations in subsequent years. All CBO grants are reimbursement grants and to ensure that applicants are meeting their stated goals, agencies can only receive up to 50 of their grant award for the first half of the fiscal year (July 1st-December 31st). After the first 50% is drawn down upon, agencies can receive the remaining 50% from January 15th - June 15th.

For more information, please call (909) 399-5490.

CBO Grant Application Form 2019-20

Grant Allocation Policy

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