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Wilderness Park Ad-hoc Committee

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The Claremont Hills Master Plan process includes opportunities for the community to learn about the process and to provide input into the Master Plan. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) provides additional opportunities to ensure that a variety of perspectives are represented in the planning process.


The TAC is an ad-hoc committee appointed by the City Council based on input from interested community members. The Committee is comprised of 11 community members representing the diversity of the community including local neighborhoods, the community at large, conservation groups, recreation and open space users, and the existing civic structure.

The following groups are represented on the TAC:

  • Members at-large (2) Carolyn Gonzales & Hugh Wire
  • Neighborhood representatives (2) Bobby Gomez & Charlie Gale
  • Claremont Wildlands Conservancy Terry Gill (Dean McHenry alternate)
  • Claremont Hills Conservation Corporation Richard Weiner (Don Pattison alternate)
  • Community and Human Services Commissioner Chair Butch Henderson
  • Planning Commissioner Chair Cynthia Humes
  • Claraboya HOA Representative Steven Llanusa
  • High Point HOA Representative Gail Sparks
  • Padua Hills Community Association Gary Mizumoto

Committee Purpose

The primary purpose of the TAC is to provide feedback into the public engagement process and input on specific issue areas that will inform the Claremont Hills Master Plan.

Committee Charge

The TAC is charged with reviewing and commenting on technical data presented by the project team. Over four meetings, the project team will present information on topic areas related to the Master Plan such as parking, resource protection, signage, safety, etc. To ensure maximum participation by the community, the TAC will also: review proposed outreach activities; provide feedback on methods and activities that require volunteer hours. At the end of the process, the TAC will work towards consensus on elements of a preferred conceptual site plan and make its recommendation to the City Council. The TAC is charged with the following:
  • Providing the Claremont Hills Master Plan Project Team with input into the final draft Master Plan. 
  • Encouraging a representative and broad base of citizen participation both within and beyond the TAC. 
  • Providing a vehicle to incorporate and respond to public input during the Claremont Hills Master Plan process.
  • Supporting the Claremont Hills Master Plan Project Team in educating and communicating information about the Claremont Hills Master Plan process to the broader community.
  • Promoting constructive dialogue in an environment of trust, credibility and mutual respect for the community outreach process and for the planning process.
  • Striving to understand and reconcile competing interests and objectives.


The consultant team will manage each of the four TAC meetings. To provide additional opportunity for the community to provide feedback into the Master Plan process, each meeting will include an opportunity for public comment. The consultant team will facilitate the public comment portion of the meeting as well as lead the TAC's discussion on the agenda topics presented by the project team. Comments will be graphically recorded, and a summary of key topics discussed by the TAC will be prepared by the consultant team. The summaries will be made available to the TAC one week following each TAC meeting.