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Volunteer Recognition Awards

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Senior Program Logo Horizontal Each year the City's Senior Program recognizes its outstanding volunteers.


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Type of Award
 Details & Recipients
Blaisdell Site Award

Recognizing outstanding site-specific service to the Claremont Senior Program through stellar performance, dedication, and passion for serving ones community.


Jorge Manotas (2018), Robin Ring (2017), Chelsea Lenninger (2016), Carol Jensen (2015), Jean Aigner & Jo Ella Lewis (2014), Carol Jensen (2013), and Maranatha Santiago (2012).

Joslyn Site Award

Recognizing outstanding site-specific service to the Claremont Senior Program through stellar performance, dedication, and passion for serving ones community.


Chas Collucci (2018), Ortansa Alexiu (2017), Jill Finegan (2016), Kathleen Hashiguchi (2015), Charlene Hazelton (2014), Bette Nola (2013),  Marilyn Wells (2012), Marvin Bernstein (2011), Wafaa Chaar (20011), Linda Corbin (2011), Linda Graber (2011), Charlene Hazleton (2011),  and Evan Wright (2011)

Los Angeles County Older American Award

Presented in recognition of Older Americans Recognition Day by the Los Angeles County Commission for Older Adults.


Sandra Baldonado (2018), Karen M. Rosenthal (2017), Freeman Allen (2016), Sue Likens (2015), Butch and Rosemary Henderson (2014), Dennis Smith (2013), Helaine Goldwater (2012), John Glasscock (2011), Keith Wagner (2010), Gladys Hart (2009), Chris Ulrich (2008), Muriel Farritor (2007), Joan Hellman (2006), Ortansa Alexiu (2005), Mary Claire Mahoney (2004), Edith Cooper (2003), Larry Scheetz (2002), Barbara Foster (2001), and Bob Binder (2000).


Josephine Smith Award

Given to an individual who makes outstanding contributions toward the enrichment of the lives of Claremont's seniors.


Robin Leonhard (2018), Judith Jones (2017), Barbara Mowbray (2016), Cindy Sullivan (2015), Chaim Rinde (2015), Mike Eschleman (2014), Anita Chalmers (2013), Karen Rosenthal (2012), Vera Ellis (2011), Barry Ulrich (2010), Patricia Meyers & Rick Whyte (2009), Mary Claire Mahoney (2008), Larry Scheetz (2007), Sue Likens (2006), Mel Butler & Jill Grigsby (2005), Rosemary Henderson & Herb Neugebauer (2004), Tom Deno (2001), Helaine Goldwater (2002), Bob Binder, Bob Lee, & Chris Ulrich (2003), Kay Moore (2000), Muriel Farritor & Jil Stark (1999), Betty Hartford (1998), Bob & M.L. Stafford (1997), and Jan Weinberger (1996).

Extra Mile, Extra Smile Award

Presented to an organization that has given support to the Claremont Senior Program through service and the contribution of energy, time, professional support, or financial donations.


Rotary Club of Claremont (2018), Inter Valley Health Plan (2017), Park Bixby Towers, Inc. (2016), Community Senior Services RSVP Bone Builders (2015), Claremont Meals on Wheels (2014), Trader Joe's (2013), AARP Tax Counseling for the Elderly (2012), Claremont University Consortium (2012), Claremont Senior Bicycle Group (2011), Nexus Group (2010), Inter Valley Health Plan (2009) , Kiwanis Club of Claremont (2008), Claremont Adult School Instructors (2007), and the Claremont Senior Program Staff (2006).

Over and Above Award

Given in recognition of a community member, not on the Committee on Aging, who has contributed significantly to the Claremont Senior Program through gifts of business acumen, professional expertise, or financial support.


Lynne Matute and David & Nancy Saylor (2018), Ann Stromberg (2017), Ben and Karen Michelle Bull "Claremont Pétanque" (2016), Jimmy Fraggos (2015), Anena O'Brien (2014), Kirsten Gonzalez (2013), Algird Leiga & Michael Rosenthal (2012), Barbara Boldig & Barb Styles (2011), Ortansa Alexiu & Dirma Sanchez (2010), Patrick Sullivan (2009), Rod Lehman (2008), Dot Tracey (2007), Barbara Marino (2006), and Dick Guthrie & Larry Scheetz (2005).


Muriel Farritor Award

Presented to a person or group that has contributed significantly to the Claremont Senior Program over a period of years. This award is designed to honor those who have been previously recognized for service to seniors in Claremont but who have remained involved in various aspects of the program and have continued to contribute generously of support, time, and talents.


Mary Claire Mahoney (2018), Claremont Senior Computer Club (2017), AARP Tax Counselors (2016), Larry Sheetz (2014), Sue Likens (2013), Jill Grigsby (2012), Bob Lee (2011), Helaine Goldwater (2010), Kiwanis Club of Claremont (2009), Rosemary Henderson (2008), Chris Ulrich (2007), Jil Stark (2006), and Muriel Farritor, Kay Moore, & Jan Weinberger (2005).