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The Claremont Sustainable City Plan (SCP) establishes a framework in which the Claremont community can achieve its vision of becoming a sustainable city and enable all who live and work in Claremont to live in ways that allow them to meet their needs while preserving the ability of future generations to do the same.

The SCP is based on the City's General Plan (adopted November 11, 2006), which is organized around a theme of sustainability.  The General Plan creates a vision of a sustainable community; one that balances social needs, maintains environmental health, and provides for continued economic prosperity.

The Sustainability Committee works with the City to update the SCP and create the annual Report Card. Meeting dates and agendas can be found on the City calendar and agendas and minutes can be found by clicking this link. 

Guiding Principles

The SCP establishes principles intended to guide the City of Claremont in all of its daily decisions and operations. The principles call for: 

  • Considering the long-term sustainability impacts in all City government decisions
  • Making the protection, preservation and restoration of our natural environment a high priority for City decisions
  • Recognizing that community education and participation are key to reaching our sustainability goals
  • Striving for the City to continue to be a regional leader on sustainability issues
  • Working with strategic partners to achieve the City's sustainability goals

Refer to the Annual Sustainability Report Cards to see how Claremont is progressing toward the sustainability goals.

Sustainable Claremont

Following the adoption of the City's Sustainability Plan in 2008, a group of community volunteers that were instrumental in the creation of the Plan formed a community organization focused on sustainability. Sustainable Claremont is a community based non-profit organization that works closely with the City top promote sustainability in programs, projects, and services.

Find out about Sustainable Claremont

In 2014, the City provided funds to hire a part-time Sustainability Coordinator and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden provided space for a Sustainability Resource Center at 1500 N College Ave, in the building just north of their Grow Native Nursery.

The Center is open MTThF (closed W) from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The phone number is  (909) 625-8767 x 238.