The County does not plan to issue a Countywide curfew order for tonight. This includes the City of Claremont.


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Green Building

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Claremont Goal: all major private, non-residential construction certified LEED Silver or Higher

From 2009 to the present, all new non-residential construction with more than 20,000 square feet of habitable floor area has been designed to meet LEED standards, and all project developers have indicated that they are seeking LEED Silver certification or higher for these projects. With 22 buildings either LEED-certified or seeking LEED certification, Claremont has a very high number of LEED-certified buildings for a city of its size.

Square Footage of LEED Certified Buildings in Claremont


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r m shanahan TLB  

The R. Michael Shanahan Teaching and Learning Center, Harvey Mudd College 

whole earth

Whole Earth Building, Uncommon Good 

Pitzer Res Phase II 

Residential Life Phase II, Pitzer College


Admin bldg 

Administrative Campus Building, Claremont University Consortium