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Advisory: Claremont Police Department Adapts to COVID-19

March 18, 2020 –

In response to the guidance received by the Federal, State, and Los Angeles County Public Health Officials, the Claremont Police Department is adapting to the challenges impacted by COVID-19. We have not changed or reduced our deployment strategies at this time and will continue to respond to all law enforcement related activities in Claremont. This is an evolving situation, and the Claremont Police Department is working to maintain field staffing levels that ensure high-quality response times to emergency calls for service within the City.

CPD has implemented protocols that have equipped department personnel with necessary training and resources needed to prepare and establish good community-based practices and behaviors to help reduce the likelihood of the introduction or spread of the COVID-19 outbreak within our department. CPD staff has been briefed on COVID-19 issues and will take all necessary precautions when interacting with the public to keep everyone involved as safe as possible.

At this time, it is our goal to continue to provide the highest level of safety and service while preserving the health and well-being of our personnel and our community. Based on logical response precautions, CPD has modified some procedures to limit the exposure of the public and our staff. For example, we may accept and document certain non-emergency crime reports over the telephone rather than in person. To file a crime report, please call our Claremont Police Department at 909-399-5411.  Staff will determine if a phone report can be completed or if the situation would best be served with an officer contact.  If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, or a respiratory illness, please notify us when you make the call.  This will allow our first responders to take any needed safety precautions prior to their arrival.

To protect the health of the public and our CPD personnel, and to potentially slow the rate of transmission of COVID-19, we are limiting access to the Claremont Police Department lobby with the exception of essential or emergency situations. We encourage residents to call ahead at 909-399-5411 to determine if we can serve you without requiring a visit.  If your need requires a visit, we will schedule an appointment to ensure limited people within our lobby.    This practice will stay in effect until further notice.

Lobby restrictions DO NOT apply to the following:

  • Regularly scheduled child-custody exchanges(to take place by front door monitored by video surveillance)
  • Individuals who are required by law to check in with law enforcement for compliance to terms of release.
  • Situations in which a law enforcement presence is needed to immediately protect life, safety or property.
  • Mandatory visits for payment of fees or collection of property.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these adjustments may cause you under the current circumstances.  Please know that the men and women of the Claremont Police Department are committed to the safety and well-being of our citizens and dedicated to maintaining the superior service everyone has come to expect from our personnel. During this time, we are encouraging everyone to remain rational and remember to keep the current situation (COVID-19) in perspective. We ask that you help protect your Claremont Police Department officers and support staff, so that in turn, we can continue to work hard to protect you!

 Claremont Police Department

570 W. Bonita Ave.

Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 399-5411

Emergency Dial - 9 1 1 

Hours of Operation:

Records Bureau

Monday - Friday: 7AM-8PM

Saturday: 7AM-6PM

Sunday: CLOSED

Jail Visiting Hours:

Monday - Friday: 3PM-6PM

Saturday: 9AM-11AM / 3PM-6PM

Property Release:

By appointment only, contact: 909-399-5419

Proposed Future Police Department Information Aerial from NE Corner SMALL

Information regarding the proposed future Police Department building can be found here. For more information please follow the link below.

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The Citizens Police Academy is a six-week program designed to provide Claremont residents and people that work within the City with firsthand information about how their police department works and to increase understanding between citizens and the police through education. Participants will also take part in practical scenarios that simulate typical service calls. The academy is typically held once a year, based on demand.

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Pink Patch Project2017 Pink Patch Small

The Claremont Police Department, along with over 110 other public safety agencies,kicked off the 2018 “Pink Patch Project,” an innovative campaign designed to increase public awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds for the fight against the disease. To purchase our commemorative pink patch please visit:

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