The Wilderness  Park will be closed Monday, June 1, through Wednesday, June 3 for fire road maintenance. This annual maintenance requirement will be conducted by the LA County Fire Department. The CHWP will reopen on Thursday, June 4. 

Crime Prevention

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If You See Something, Say Something 

Crime prevention is at the core of Claremont Police Department’s mission of safeguarding and serving the Claremont community, but crime prevention starts with you. In September of 2016, the Claremont Police Department started to push the “See Something, Say Something” campaign. A total of 85 signs were placed throughout the city at neighborhood entrances to remind citizens that if they see suspicious activity to call the Police Department and report it. The campaign has proven successful in stopping burglaries in progress along with many other crimes.

Within the column to the left, you will find topics of various crimes along with information on how you can prevent crime and reduce the odds of being a victim. Please follow the links to the left for more information.


The Importance of Security Cameras

For police investigators, a witness to a crime is invaluable. A witness can give investigators specific details to expedite the search for the suspect. Unfortunately, police do not always have a witness to question details on the matter. Security cameras give police that witness by recording the event and many times, giving much more detail of the suspect than anyone might recall. The Claremont Police Department encourages its residence to own and operate some form of security camera system. 


Camera Brands