The Wilderness  Park will be closed Monday, June 1, through Wednesday, June 3 for fire road maintenance. This annual maintenance requirement will be conducted by the LA County Fire Department. The CHWP will reopen on Thursday, June 4. 

Emergency Preparedness

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Get A Kit, Make A Plan, and Be Informed

The City of Claremont and the Claremont Police Department encourage residents and business owners to prepare for all emergencies. Emergencies and critical events may include man-made incidents or natural disasters. The most prominent threats to our area include Earthquake, Wildland fires, and severe weather.

Being prepared can reduce fear, anxiety and losses that accompany disasters and speed up the recovery process after disaster. Communities, families, and individuals need to know what to do in the event of a disaster or man-made incident.

People can reduce the impact of disasters by preparing for these events ahead of time with supplies, a plan, and training. Simple steps can make a difference and often prevent injuries, property loss, and save lives.

This website contains several files that can be downloaded to assist you in preparing for an emergency or critical incident. These files can help you develop emergency plans for you, your family, your pets, as well as a business. There is also a checklist for personal contact information and a listing of supplies that will assist you in putting together an emergency kit that includes food, water, and emergency supplies.

Our goal is to provide you with a starting point for personal preparation. The level of preparation you decide on can be basic, intermediate or advanced. The level is up to you, but you should be ready to be self-sufficient for at least three days. This may mean providing for your own shelter, first aid, food, water and/or sanitation.

It is important to understand that, during a large-scale disaster, local government and disaster relief organizations will try to help you, but you need to be ready as well. Local responders may not be able to reach you immediately or they may need to focus their efforts elsewhere. The better prepared you are, the better you can meet the challenges a critical incident may present.

In addition to these files, there are a number of links that will provide you additional information to assist you in your personal emergency preparedness.


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Homeland Secuirty


Federal Emergency

Management Agency


Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention


American Red Cross



American Red Cross

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Earthquake Readiness