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Volunteer Opportunities

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Community Emergency Response Team


Being trained on how to respond during an emergency situation or a disaster in your own community, at work, or on vacation is one of the most important things you can do to assist others when professional responders are not immediately available to help.  CERT members also provide critical support to professional responders during an emergency situation or a disaster. 



Community Patrol Volunteers


The Community Patrol Volunteer Program is designed to draw upon the varied life experiences and skill sets of Claremont citizens over the age of 45. These volunteers are a tremendous community resource that assists the Police Department in areas of concern for the community in which previous manpower allocations would not allow full attention. Examples of the countless functions volunteer personnel perform for the agency include:

    • Vacation house checks
    • Fingerprinting
    • Community patrol
    • Evidence transportation
    • Traffic control
    • Parking enforcement
    • Clerical support

    For more information about the program, contact the Administrative Services Bureau.

    Community Patrol Volunteer Application [PDF]


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    Explorer Post 411 is a volunteer organization sponsored by Learning for Life and the Boy Scouts of America. It is open to young men and women between 14.5 and 21 years of age.

    Exploring enables participants to examine the law enforcement field by participating in training in law enforcement techniques and procedures through community service and ride-alongs with Police Officers. The program is intended to encourage interest in a law enforcement career while helping to build character and to foster self-confidence, self-discipline, and goal-setting.  The program is staffed by Police Officers, and meetings are held bi-weekly at the Police Department.



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    Reserve Officers are members of the community who volunteer their time by assisting with a variety of Police Officer duties.  Many of those duties makes their role vital to filling gaps in personnel needs that would otherwise require the cost of Police Officer over-time.

    Many Reserve Officers are considering a career in law enforcement and are either gaining experience or deciding if it is the right career choice for them. Others are employed in other fields they enjoy, but are interested in law enforcement and find this a rewarding way to give back to their community.

    Reserve Officers must pass the same selection standards as full-time officers and fulfill many of the same academy and field training requirements. Most reserves work patrol duties as a partner to a full-time officer, but some have enough experience to work solo during their on-duty hours. They wear the same uniform and cannot be distinguished from a full-time officer, and while working, they carry the same duties and responsibilities.

    Contact us if you're interested in a Reserve Officer position.