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Although the City has no authority over telecommunication franchises, the City may be able to offer residents some assistance in getting their complaints resolved. In addition, the City is working with State regulatory agencies to express our concerns with service levels provided by these telecommunications  companies.

The City has no jurisdiction over cable, internet or phone providers in the City. Telecommunication and Cable Services are awarded statewide franchises and are governed by the State’s Public Utilities Commission and Federal Communication Commission. Up until ten years ago, Cities issued cable franchises and had some control over the use of the City’s right of way. Unfortunately, the State took over these franchises and took over regulation of these companies. The City cannot force these companies to provide better service, or in fact, provide service at all.

In our conversations with Verizon, which is now Frontier, they have indicated they will not be constructing additional Fios in Claremont in the near future. We have also experienced a large increase in complaints following Frontier's takeover of Verizon. Other communities are experiencing this as well. The FCC and PUC are aware of the complaints and staff is working with our state representatives to address the poor service.

In regards to having other companies come in to provide service, this is not something the City or State is stopping. The City would welcome new companies and the choice they would bring to our residents. It is a matter of splitting the market and the cost of constructing infrastructure. The City has 11,000 households which would be split between Frontier, TWC, and any new companies. The cost of running cable or telephone lines over Claremont’s 14 miles for a  few thousand customers is not profitable for new companies.

Residents can contact the PUC or Frontier directly - the information is below:

California Public Utilities Consumer Affairs -

Frontier –

For more information, please contact Public Information Officer Bevin Handel at (909)399-5497 or email