Old School House Development (OSH)

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Old School House Condo Development - Sewer and Water Project

On May 20, 2019, construction will begin on sewer and water utility work on Colby Circle, between Indian Hill Boulevard and Oxford Avenue.  The work includes constructing new sewer and water lines and re-aligning existing sewer and water lines to support the development of the 30 condo units to be constructed on the old hotel portion of the Old School House site. The work will be performed in two phases.  This is necessary to ensure that local residential and emergency access is maintained during construction. The first phase will require the full closure of the north/south portion of Colby Circle to the east of Oxford Avenue, to construct a new sewer line. The second phase will require the closure of the east/west portion of Colby Circle, from Indian Hill Boulevard west to the end of the block. This phase will include sewer and water main line installation work. It is anticipated that this project will be completed in six weeks. During construction, drivers and pedestrians are directed to follow the appropriate construction signs. For more information, please contact the Engineering Division at (909) 399-5465.


History of the Development at the Old School House


On Wednesday, July 26, 2017 the Architectural Commission approved the design review plans associated with a proposed new building that would be a centerpiece for the Old School House (OSH) development. The building includes 30 residential condominium units and a two-level parking garage with 240 spaces. The project site is the area north of the Buca di Beppo parking lot, and west of the Candlelight Pavilion. This area currently contains a vacant three-story hotel building and surface parking lot, which will be demolished to accommodate the new construction (see aerial below).

OSH Aerial

On July 11, 2017, the City Council approved a tentative subdivision application, which makes minor adjustments to the existing OSH site property lines, cleans up various easements, and allows for construction of the new building that includes the residential condominium units and parking garage. The subdivision map also creates a new private road, which is a planned element of the Specific Plan. This private road would run east/west, immediately north of the new development and the Candlelight Pavilion, connecting southwest Colby Circle to Indian Hill Boulevard. Note that the new private road will be in addition to Colby Circle (which will remain in place as a public street).

The exteriors for the new development will incorporate influences from Spanish architecture to be compatible with the character of the historic portions of the OSH.

The new residences include a mix of two and three-bedroom units. Twenty of the units will be single-story flats, six units will have two-story floor plans, and four will have three-story floor plans. Together these units form a three-story residential complex organized around a central courtyard. Front doors to most of the units will face onto the courtyard; however, first story units on the north side will front the new private street located along the northern edge of the site to give the project a neighborhood feel. 

The parking structure is designed to serve as two independent parking areas. Sixty parking spaces reserved for the residential units are located in a secured basement level beneath the residences. This portion of the garage is accessed from Colby Circle near the northwest corner of the parking structure. The remaining 180 spaces provide centralized parking for the commercial portions of the OSH/Doubletree Specific Plan area and are accessed from the southeastern corner and east side of the structure.

The OSH Specific Plan was originally approved in 2006. Early development under the Plan included renovation to the Doubletree Hotel, renovation of the OSH retail and office complex, and construction of a new retail building that includes Trader Joe’s Market.  Preparation of construction plans will soon begin and the public will be informed when permit issuance and construction dates are determined.

Copies of the design plans and subdivision map are available at City Hall, Planning Division, 207 Harvard Avenue, Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm. For more information on the proposal, please contact Senior Planner Mark Carnahan at (909) 399-5322, or via email at mcarnahan@ci.claremont.ca.us.

Project Document Archive:

Architectural Commission Notice - OSH Design Review

CC Resolution 2017-45 Tentative Map Approval and CEQA Addendum

CC Resolution 2006-69 CEQA MND 2006

2006 Initial Study

CC Ordinance 2007-01 OSH Specific Plan Adoption (Part 1)

CC Ordinance 2007-01 OSH Specific Plan Adoption (Part 2)