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Fire Prevention

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Ready!Set!Go! Your Wildfire Action Plan from LACounty Fire on Vimeo.

The 2018 Fire Season was one of the most devastating fire seasons in California history. Large, wind-driven fires, like the Camp and the Woolsey Fires, led to death and destruction across the State. Following the fires, California experienced above-average rainfall during the winter months. Now, as we are in our dry season, we have abundant new vegetation that will soon dry out and increase the threat of fire.

There is no guarantee any structure will survive the indiscriminate destruction of a wind-driven fire. However, studies have identified three factors that may decide whether or not your home survives the next wildland fire: Ornamental vegetation, landscape maintenance, and hardening structures to resist catching fire from wind-blown embers. Embers are lightweight, burning pieces of vegetation or construction material which are sent high into the air by winds or smoke and can land a mile or more away, starting new fires. Ember-proofing, or "hardening" your home may be the critical difference between a home surviving or being destroyed during a wildland fire. To assist you with hardening your home, the L.A. County Fire Department has developed the following information:


A Guide to Defensible Space Ornamental Vegetation Maintenance

Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) Handbook

How to Safeguard (Harden) Your Home Flyer

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