Foothill Boulevard Upgrade

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Foothill Boulevard Upgrade

Updated on 08/02/2018 1:37 PM

Foothill Boulevard will be improved beginning in Fall 2018


Construction Timeline:  

  • Phase 1 began Monday, October 29
    • Demolition began Monday, November 5.
    • Estimated time to complete Phase 1 is 3 months.

  • Phase 2 began Monday, March 4
    • Demolition began Tuesday, March 5.
    • Estimated time to complete Phase 2 is 3 months.
  • Phase 3 began Monday, June 3
    • Demolition began the week of June 3.
    • Estimated time to complete Phase 3 is 3 months.
    • In preparation for Phase 3 of the project, the Department’s tree contractor, West Coast Arborists, began removing trees, shrubs, and vines on the south side of Foothill Boulevard, between Berkeley and Mountain Avenue. The work began May 20, 2019. The designated Eucalyptus trees will remain, along with a few Coast Live Oak and California Pepper trees. The City held meetings with the homeowners in the surrounding neighborhoods to get input on the removals and new landscaping. Once the trees and shrubs are removed, construction will begin in this section of the streets with bioswales, irrigation and landscaping. Bioswales catch and retain water runoff to recharge groundwater. 
  • Phase 4 began Monday, October 7
    • Demolition began the week of October 7.
    • Estimated time to complete Phase 4 is 3 months.
  • Grinding, Paving, and Striping began Tuesday, November 12
    • Grinding began the week of November 12.
    • Roadway paving to follow immediately.
    • Roadway striping to start the week of December 9.
    • Estimated completion by December 20.


  • Grinding, Paving, and Striping Notice[PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard from Towne Avenue and Monte Vista Avenue
    • Notices Hand Delivered by End of Business Day, Friday, November 8.
  • Phase 4 Notice[PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard between Mountain Avenue & Towne Avenue
    • Scheduled Hand Delivery by End of Business Day, Friday, September 20  
  • Phase 3 Notice[PDF]
    • Colby Circle Road Closure & Detour (August 21 & 22)
      • Hand delivered notice (Friday, August 16)
      • Notice [PDF]
      • Notice to 708 Santa Barbara [PDF]
      • Parcels Notified [PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard between Yale Avenue & Mountain Avenue
    • (Delivered Friday, May 17)
  • Phase 2 Notice [PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard between Amherst & Yale Avenue
    • (Delivered February 12th & 13th)
  • Phase 1 Notice [PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard between Monte Vista Avenue & Amherst
    • (Delivered October 17th & 18th)
  • General Notice [PDF]
    • Delivered to all properties adjacent to Foothill Boulevard
    • (Delivered October 17th & 18th)


Brief History

The Foothill Boulevard Master Plan Improvements Project began on October 29, 2018. The construction work will be conducted in four phases over the next 12 months. Construction is expected to be completed in November 2019. 

Staff expects each phase to take up to three months to complete. Each phase of construction is split into three different segments - the north side of the street, south side of the street, and median islands. Working in segments allows for at least one lane to be open for vehicular traffic and either the north or south sidewalk open for pedestrian access. Full road closures and detours are not anticipated. At this time, the project is currently in the first phase. Phase 1 covers Foothill Boulevard from Monte Vista Avenue to Amherst Drive.

Changeable message signs and construction signs have been placed on Foothill Boulevard, near Towne Avenue and Monte Vista Avenue, to notify motorists of the construction. Notifications regarding the project were also delivered to all properties along Foothill Boulevard.

The project will improve Foothill Boulevard from the City limit at Monte Vista Avenue to Towne Avenue. The project includes general road improvements as well as protected bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, bio-swales and stormwater catchment required by the State and Federal government, and sustainable landscaping. New iconic entry monuments, signage, and bus stops will be added to reflect the roadway's Route 66 past. Foothil will remain two lanes in each direction.

Over half of the $16 million project is being funded through grants awarded to the City. The remaining money for the project comes from funds the City received from Cal Trans when the roadway was relinquished, as well as restricted roadway funds.

The City engaged the community in the planning of the improvements beginning in 2013. For three years, the City worked on the Master Plan, holding more than 40 public meetings. This extensive public input process resulted in a project that retains the character of Claremont, while incorporating innovative features. These added design features also added to the original project cost. To offset these costs, City staff applied for grant funding over the last two years. The City was successful in securing three grants, including a $7 million grant from the California Transportation Commission’s Local Partnership Program, also known as SB1.

Community Input Process

  • 30 stakeholder interviews
  • 2 public workshops
  • 7 commission hearings
  • 4 City Council Hearings
  • 5 neighborhood meetings

Foothill Blvd Overview -  Presentation

Plans for the Project (due to the large size of the plans, this file cannot be viewed on a mobile device)