Due to a Red Flag Warning issued by the National Weather Service, the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park will be closed through November 13. The CHWP will reopen on Wednesday, November 14.



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General Plan and Land Use Map

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The General Plan is considered the City's blueprint for the future. It lays out the vision for how the City will develop over the next 20 to 50 years. The plan contains many goals designed to help City officials and the community preserve our past while building a future that enhances the quality of life for all age groups. A copy of the General Plan is available for review at the City Hall public counter or online:

Design Review

Claremont has long been known for its quality architecture, quaint commercial districts, and well-planned neighborhoods. One of the major goals identified in the current and proposed General Plan is to preserve and enhance this existing community character and sense of place. In an effort to reach this goal, the City reviews the design of all new construction in the City. Generally, small design-related projects are reviewed and acted upon by the planning staff while larger projects are reviewed and acted upon by the City's Architectural Commission.