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Supplemental Environmental Impact Report/Virtual Public Scoping Meeting 

Claremont residents are invited to a virtual public scoping meeting to provide their input on potential project modifications to the Gold Line extension. The Gold Line Construction Authority will evaluate parking changes at several stations, including Claremont. The Authority previously approved parking structures at several stations; however, they are now considering changing to surface parking lots for the Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, and Pomona locations as well as either a parking structure or a parking lot combined with leased parking space at the Claremont location. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 24 at 5:30 p.m.  A live presentation will be followed by a public comment session. To comply with social distancing requirements, the meeting will be held virtually via web and via phone. For more information on how to participate in the meeting, visit

Virtual Public Scoping Meeting Notice - June 24, 2020

Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report


Foothill Gold Line Construction Changes

On Monday, November 12, Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority announced it will be proposing a two phased approach to building the Foothill Gold Line Extension from Glendora to Montclair. While the first phase to La Verne is anticipated to be completed with available funds, the second phase from La Verne to Montclair is not funded. The proposal by the Authority is being made after all four of the project bids were received and came in millions over the estimated cost and funding available. The Foothill Construction Authority Board will be asked to increase the total project budget by $570 million to cover the construction of the line from Glendora to Montclair. The increase would bring the total project cost to $2.1 billion. Should additional funding be secured within two years, the line would be extended through Claremont and onto Montclair.

The City is shocked and disappointed at the announcement that construction of the Claremont Gold Line station is uncertain. For over 15 years, the City of Claremont has worked to bring the line to Claremont. Our community has supported the construction of the line and contributes to the funding of the line through our sales tax dollars.

While incredibly disappointing, Monday’s announcement does not lessen the City’s commitment to bringing the Gold Line to Claremont. Staff will continue to work with the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority on the project and assist with identifying funding to complete the line. We will keep the community informed throughout the process.

Foothill Gold Line Announcement

Foothill Gold Line FAQ


Foothill Gold Line

The Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair is a 12.3-mile extension of the Metro Gold Line light rail system that currently runs between Los Angeles and the City of Azusa, along the Foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. The extension is part of the growing network of rail lines being built throughout Los Angeles County, and will add new Gold Line stations in Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont, and Montclair.

The Foothill Gold Line is being funded by Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. The portion of the project within L.A. County (Glendora to Claremont) is being funded by Metro's Measure M half-cent sales tax approved by voters in November 2016, as well as Measure R. The portion from Claremont to Montclair is being funded by San Bernardino County.

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City Council Moves Forward with Indian Hill Bridge Design Concept

On October 10, the City Council unanimously voted to concur with the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority’s plans to construct the Indian Hill Boulevard crossing of the Gold Line tracks above grade and approved a conceptual bridge design based on community input. Over the course of three months, City staff conducted a series of community presentations aimed at gathering community comments on a bridge concept.

The meetings were prompted after the City was informed that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will require a bridge over Indian Hill Boulevard to accommodate the Gold Line trains due to the number of pedestrians, vehicles, tracks, and frequency of train crossings. In addition, Metro completed a grade crossing study, which ranked Indian Hill Boulevard as the third worst crossing out of more than 100 grade crossings in Los Angeles County. Based on these factors, the City began additional community discussions about the possibility of a grade separation and hired a local architect to provide conceptual designs to address some of the initial concerns about the bridge concept.

The main concerns from the community on the original bridge concept were:

  • The bridge design was too massive and monolithic.

  • The bridge created a wall between portions of the City.

  • The bridge blocked views of businesses in the Village.

  • The bridge did not match the character of Claremont.

To address these issues, the new conceptual design includes opening up the span an additional 75 feet, bringing the total open space under the bridge to 225 feet, narrowing and shaping the bridge piers, setting back, inclining, and introducing some curvature to the thickest portions of the span, and replacing heavy concrete safety rail with light wire guardrail.

The preliminary conceptual design can be seen below:

preliminary alternative bridge 2 

Staff presented the new concept at several community meetings. Based on community feedback, the City believes the new design of the bridge alleviates many of the original concerns.  City staff will continue to work with the community, the Construction Authority, and the design-build contractor on details of the bridge.


Foothill Gold Line Community Meetings


The City recently held a series of community meetings to educate the community on the Gold Line Extension and its impact on Claremont. City staff presented information on the rail alignment, crossings, parking structure, and possible grade separation. During the meetings, staff took community feedback.

The presentation from the community meetings is attached below:

Gold Line Community Meeting Presentation


Photos from the September 11, 2017 Community Meeting:







Building Foothill Gold Line Video

This video provides an overview of the anticipated construction process for the Gold Line project from Glendora to Montclair. Animations in the video explain how the freight and Metrolink systems and Claremont Metrolink station will be relocated and rebuilt within the shared rail corridor with minimal disruption to their services as part of the Foothill Gold Line project.


Foothill Gold Line - Claremont Project Update and Background - Power Point Presentation - presented at the 6/26/17 Traffic and Transportation Commission Meeting


2016-03-23 - Gold Line Board Agenda 7a

Foothill Gold Line Grade Separation Proposal

On January 12, 2016, the Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority proposed a grade separation at Indian Hill Boulevard to accommodate train traffic from the Gold Line to the City Council. The Foothill Gold Line Construction Authority requested the City and community’s input on this proposal to assist them in the planning and environmental process.

Gold Line proposed the bridge concept to elevate the increased trains and traffic impacts on Indian Hill Boulevard. The Gold Line trains will run on 10 minute headways in each direction, for a total of 12 additional train crossings each hour.

To gather Village the community's  feedback, the City held two community meetings and provided information on the proposal to local papers, on the website, and in the City Manager's Weekly Update.

At its February 23, 2016 meeting, the City Council unanimously voted to support the Gold Lines requested to do additional environmental review on the bridge concept and directed staff to work with Gold Line to develop design concepts for review by the City's commission, community and City Council. the City will have until February of 2017 to develop a conceptual design. Should the City not agree on a design, the crossing will revert to an at street crossing.

Watch video simulation -

2016-02-23 Indian Hill FAQs

Gold Line Grade Separation Council Presentation - presented at the 2/23/16 Council Meeting

Gold Line Grade Separation Staff Report - 2/23/16 Council Meeting

2015-12-30 Indian Hill Grade Sep Fact Sheet FINAL

2016-01-25 Indian Hill Grade Separation Presentation